What if I told you that you have the superpower to get anything that you desire? Some of you may have heard about this earlier. But for those who have not, “what would you feel if you get to unlock the superpower of achieving everything you desire? ” Of course, you will explode yourself with joy and hope. So, today’s article is about how to get anything you desire using the law of attraction.

Is It Possible to Get Anything You Want in Life?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. The only thing you need to do is to learn a few crucial steps of how exactly you should tap into this power.

The mind is the most powerful thing in the human body though many people don’t give enough importance to what it can do for you. In order to get anything you want in life, first you need to convince yourself that your goal is achievable. The more you are successful at convincing your mind that a particular thing is achievable, the more chance you will have of getting it.

Some may seem this is like a crazy idea but once I read “The Secret” book and started following the path it taught, it literally changed my life into something I have never thought I could have. I did nothing special except for changing the way I think.


Different people have different goals in their lives. Some want to be financially abundant while some want to be their best version. It’s all about what you want. But whatever it is you want, the core principles you need to apply to get anything you want are the same.

The core principles or simple rules are as follows;

  • Identifying Your Goals
  • Manifesting
  • Visualizing
  • Being Constant
  • Trusting the Process

So now, let’s get to know those in detail

Identifying Your Goals

The first step is to identify what exactly you need in order to make you happy. If you don’t know what exactly you need, you are failed even before you start.

Get a paper and pen and write about the perfect life you desire.

Ask questions yourself such as “What kind of people and what kind of things do I need to have? What kind of places do I need to visit?

Remember to focus always on feelings when you decide on your desires.

For instance, right now, you may want to have a particular person such as your ex, back in your life.

You both had a really good time together and suddenly he or she broke up with you and you are filled with sadness. Now you want him or her to be with you again. So, you may be trying to get him or her using LOA. Well, I know I should not and I don’t have the right to judge what you really desire.  But hear me out.

At this very moment, what you really miss or hurt may be the lovely memories you both had together. In other words, the feelings that you felt when you were with your ex, might be what is causing your sadness.

So you think that having your ex is the only remedy for you to smile again

But what if you meet someone better than your ex in the future? Your future partner may make you feel even better than your ex did. You never know that.

That is why you need to be very specific with what you want. That is why you need to focus on the feelings that you need to experience rather than particular things or people.

Because ultimately, feelings make you happy and great.


In The LOA, manifesting simply means bringing something that you desire into existence and into your life.

In order to do this, you need to adopt a positive outlook on the things that you wish to manifest.

LOA says that the way you think about something will manifest in reality whether it is positive or negative.

The more you think positively, the more positive outcomes will appear in your life and vice versa.  Therefore, it is important that you only have a positive outlook on everything.

Always focus on what you have in your life rather than what you don’t.

Instead of focusing on why you don’t have this or that in your life, focus on what your life will look like when you have that or this thing that you desire.

Focus on the feeling of having your desire instead of worrying about why you don’t have what you want.

It’s really important how you view things in your life. For instance, if you keep telling yourself that “I want to be in a relationship, but nobody wants to be with me”, then you will always be alone because you focus on the lack instead of desire.

In this instance, you focus on your desire but also you focus on the part which you don’t want- “but nobody wants to be with me”. When you keep thinking this way, what you will always manifest is the “nobody wants to be with me” part in your reality.

So, you will always be single.

Instead, you need to flip your focus on “How my life would look like if I have the perfect partner I ever wanted?” This way, you focus only on the positive outcome where you adopt a mindset of having what you want.

When you keep thinking like this, you will always manifest things favorable to you.

However, even when you think this way, sometimes you may manifest things that may seem completely unfavorable to you down the line. If this happens, you should not deviate from your thinking pattern at all.

Whatever happens, you should maintain your positive mindset at all times. If you can successfully persist in thinking positively about what you desire, eventually, you will have what you want even if the odds are not in your favor.

So, always be positive about what you want and re-direct your thoughts on the feelings of already having what you want.



This is the part where you plant the seed inside your mind for it to grow your desire into a reality. Once decided how life would look like having your desire, you need to visualize it.

It simply means imagining the things that you would do when you have accomplished what you wanted. For instance, if your desire is to be wealthy, you need to imagine stuff like buying a new sports car or a luxury villa near the beach.

You need to immerse yourself in the feeling of already having your desire through visualization.

Most importantly, you need to make this a habit. You need to adopt this habit when you go to sleep or wake up in the morning. Because those two instances are when our mind is at its peak.

In short, create a scene where you already have what you need and re-live it again and again.

Being Constant

Now that you have decided what you want and got to know how to think and visualize correctly, you need to be constant with your process. Therefore, visualize every day about your dream life until it hardens into fact.

Further, constantly communicate with yourself and convince yourself that you can get anything you want.

Remember, only focus on the things you need.

Trusting the Process

Last but not least, you need to trust the process. You may do many things, but without trusting that you can have whatever in your life, you cannot be successful.

Don’t trust what you see because right now, you may not have what you want. Instead, trust your own thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings decide your reality, not your current circumstances.

Trust that you will eventually get what you want whether it seems impossible to have it right now.

Whenever something bad happens, don’t think negatively. Trust that the bad thing that is happening right now, may lead you to something better. The more you convince yourself that good things happen to you, the more things get better around you.

In the end, I should say that this is a process. You cannot master it overnight. You need time and patience. So be calm and relaxed when you follow this path.

Ultimately you will become a master manifester over time and you will be able to get anything if you follow the simple rules I have mentioned above. I wish you all the best!





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