How to become better at Writing? Writing is a way of recording and communicating feelings, expressions, and thoughts. Unlike speaking, writing enables them to express their ideas directly. There may be different modes for writing, blog writing, book writing, paper article writing, content writing, and so on.

Main steps of how to become better at writing

There is a process for writing.

The process includes four main steps:

Finding an idea

An idea or a topic should be created in our minds. I always list down all the topics that come to my mind in a journal, simply a piece of paper. After writing, it is straightforward to categorize the topics. Sometimes the categories will be events and relationships, school and love, and sports and living.

Then again, I go through all the topics and choose the one I like the most. After selecting the topic, the next thing is doing a keyword search.

Also, it is good to do some brainstorming. This should include what I know about the subject, what information and facts need to be explained, what keywords will directly express my idea, and which group of people should be addressed. For example, If the audience likes food, there is no use in telling them about religion and beliefs. It is our talent to identify the audience and their likes and dislikes.

After doing all this, we should draft what to write and what to write.

how to become better at writing


Most skilled writers only produce an excellent script in one try—first, they outline their ideas in a preliminary version or rough draft.

Refrain from worrying too much about spelling and grammar when you write a rough draft.

Drafting is just gathering the information. As there are many word processors and applications, there is no use in getting exhausted.

Consider the writing as an act of discovery. Writing a draft on a particular topic is like finding everything based on the subject.

You will be surprised about your exposure to the specific field because gathering information may not be helpful at this time.

Here is a tip: If you are writing your draft by hand, you can easily insert any changes you wish to make after you have finished your draft.

Also, write only one side of each piece of paper. Then, if you want to change the order of your paragraph or add something in the middle, you can cut up the paper, rearrange the pieces, and tape in a new section.

And, of course, if you are using the computer, you can Cut(Ctrl+X ) and Paste (Ctrl+V).

Now it is the time to revise


As I said, only a few writers can get their work right the first time. They must revise at least once and several times.

We must carefully read the script that we have written. For an extra point, I give my script to someone else to show me the mistakes. In this way, we can identify directly what we have missed and what we have messed up.

When you revise a script, you should change the order of some sentences to clarify the meaning.

You may need to add more information so that your ideas will be complete or take out information that is not closely enough related to the main topic. Or you may decide to replace certain words with others that are more robust and specific.

Copy editing or Proof reading

After you are satisfied that your script is unique and precise, you can make the spelling and grammar—you use some apps for this purpose.

I usually Double check my spelling of words if I am doing the work manually.

After correcting the script, we can share it wherever we need it.

The main aim should be maintaining the quality of work. If So, the audience can easily capture and grab the meaning that we are expressing.

To maintain the quality of work, we can follow the following steps.

Personal qualities of a good writer

If you are a writer, see whether you have the following qualities.

Qualities of a good writing


There should be a clear main idea or topic sentence in every paragraph.


The paper’s main idea should be supported or expanded upon in each paragraph. Each paragraph’s main idea needs to be explained and illustrated with the help of examples, specifics, and descriptions.


In content, each paragraph should address the main idea. Each paragraph needs to focus on a single idea.


A logically structured, fluid essay or paper should “stick” together. Put another way, and the reader should understand everything written.


A paper should be written in complete sentences, generally correct standard English, and with few errors.

Ways to maintain quality of writing

  • Don’t decide anything with the initial draft.
  • Maintain simplicity.
  • Don’t overuse adjectives and adverbs.
  • Always request an outside edit.
  • Stay calm, break the rules and think out of the box.

According to the above facts, you may get that writing is hard work. But it can be both personally rewarding and informative to readers. It is a beautiful experience to have your work published and share it with a broad audience, but it is also satisfying to share your thoughts and feelings with those close to you.



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