We always like to reach our goals, be with our loved ones, travel, and so on. The final goal of all these is happiness. We don’t like to stay negative. So we always try to be positive and stay positive. To be happy and positive, we should take measures to calculate our personal development.

Personal development, what is?

Actually, what is this personal development? Personal development focuses on ourselves and finding ways to get the best in us. In other words, it is searching for ways to find our inner peace. This can develop many qualities in us. Also, this personal development develops self-confidence and self-esteem to reach our goals.

Criteria in personal development

05 main fields are focused on personal development. Those five criteria are mental, social, physical, spiritual, and emotional. It is now clear that personal development is a combination of all five. So, let’s get into details with some of my personal experiences.

Mental development. 

Before knowing how to develop mentally, let’s get a rough idea of mental development. Mental development is simply more favorable compared to the past. Or in other words, it is the process of staying mentally fit. So to know how to be fit, we should know what makes us ill.

The widespread word depression is the best word for dealing with mental illness. So we know that people who are mentally ill are unable to function effectively in their daily lives. Research says that all of us are depressed from time to time. But people suffering from major depression are severely depressed much or even all the time.

There are many steps we can adapt to progress in personal development. Let’sLet’s see what those are.

  • Do the things that you like the most.

In such situations as depression, paying attention to our likes and dislikes are more important. As we deal with our mental condition, it cannot be showcased to others unless they are our best friends. Because sometimes people may take the maximum benefit of the situation and flatten us down to the floor. So, paying attention to likes will make you come out of such conditions

  • Never try to be isolated.

Having a good companion is a significant way to overcome all mental ailments. This makes us feel like we are not alone anymore. As I said earlier, when you are suffering from depression, it is harder to be with colleagues, even if they need us to be with them. We tend to be more aggressive at such times. And it may even harm others’ feelings as well. So the best thing is to be with an understanding set of people so they can understand your situation.

  • Try to be more relaxed.

Staying relaxed is a need of every human being. Going on picnics, planning the day with loved ones, or even watching a movie may feel more relaxed.

So, when paying attention to mental well-being, we must schedule our day to think about our inner peace rather than the others. Also, meditation is a best practice for personal development.

Social development. 

Maintaining good social connections may highly impact your personal development because there is a massive impact on the people around us and us. We can’t stay alone in this world. We need to interact with others. We always make decisions through our experiences. And if the people around us are negative, we always think negatively; if they are positive, we automatically become positive.

Here is a little story about how society affects you. “There were two kids. Two of them were the same alike. Just thin them as twins. The family was so poor, and the parents decided to give up for adoption. But these kids were adopted by two different types of families. One family was good, the parents were well-disciplined, and the other was not. So, after years the two siblings met in the town. The one adopted by a good family was a teacher, and the other kid was a robber”.

So, it is clear that maintaining good social contact highly affects our personal development. Here are some tricks I use to maintain good social conditions.

I never relieve highly personal things with everyone. Because everyone is different, they can also harm us after knowing our weaknesses. I always keep my secrets saved only with the most trusted people.

Also, I’ve been practicing keeping control while using social media. Like I said earlier, no one is there for us unless our loved ones. So what is the use of paying attention to others’ stuff?

Most recently, I realized that we should talk only when needed. Not being silent for the whole time, but in most cases, silence is the best. This means there are no fights if we can keep silent.

So above are some of the things regarding social development and my personal experiences. If there are more on your experiences, remember to mention us.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual means simply having faith in our religion. Taking advice from spiritual leaders like lord Buddha to develop our lifestyles is the process of spiritual well-being. A deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you is what spirituality includes. It helps in self-discovery and values investigation.

To have spiritual development, we need to be self-oriented. We need to do the thing only we like to happen to ourselves. And we should avoid doing things we don’t like to happen to us. Also, we need to know that everything is temporary.

Spiritual Development

Emotional Development

Emotions are the feeling that we deal with in our everyday lifestyles. So how to control these? Controlling emotions play a significant role in personal development. To understand emotions, we should have the ability to understand them. The ability to adapt to the environment and change accordingly is called intelligence.

So, to have a development emotionally, we must improve our intelligence. So what are the steps to be taken to improve intelligence?

Artistic and creative abilities, like musical and practical abilities, are essential to improve intelligence. It makes my mind feel calmer and quiet. Also, music helps me to overcome sadness and hopelessness.

According to records, a more comprehensive range of abilities, including word knowledge, number skills, memory, and the ability to imagine objects rotating on one’s hand, is also essential to intelligence. So what is your opinion?

Physical Development

Physical development is simply being healthy. Also, paying attention to our appearance goes with physical development. We should behave well, increase our values, and stay fit. Also, we should look good.

Going to the gym, reducing weight, having a healthy meal, paying attention to Beauty, going for a complete body checkup, and going to the salon all come under this category of physical development.

We must be healthy to work and look good to maintain good social contacts. We should behave well to be relaxed. So finally, all things can combine as that is a must to maintain physical well-being to achieve all the other four.

Let me point out some things you need to be concerned about to acquire progress in personal development. Without a considerable description, here is the list.

  1. ability to communicate and interact
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Flexibility and adaptability of the mind
  4. Self-acceptance and self-care
  5. Problems and methods of resolving them
  6. Handling uncertainty and change
  7. Future-mindedness
  8. Organizing abilities
  9. group effort and cooperation
  10. Self-awareness

Things to be done for personal development

  1. Be humble
  2. Be positive
  3. Don’t let others down
  4. Have a good sleep
  5. Have a balanced diet
  6. Concern more about your appearance (Ex: Body weight, Beauty)
  7. Meditate
  8. Help others
  9. Learn from everything
  10. Be fearless
  11. Make good friends
  12. Be relaxed
  13. Practice music
  14. Do the thing you like mostly
  15. Read books
  16. Pay attention to your social contacts
  17. Be confident and treat everyone alike
  18. Improve kindness and patience
  19. Be brave and believe in yourself
  20. Don’t get hurry, and nothing comes too fast


Now time to say bye. As our life is like an airport. There are only arrivals and departures. And we must spend our lifestyles according to the truth called change. So tell me, what is your suggestion?

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