Movies can inspire us to make those changes in our lives, and a new year can be an opportunity to set new goals and resolutions.

Diet and exercise are regularly well-liked choices for resolutions, and movies like Brittany Runs a Marathon and Chariots of Fire will inspire you to get started. 

The Shawshank Redemption and Lion are two films that can help you rediscover your inner hope. 

Julie & Julia can help you learn new skills and rekindle your determination (Remember the Titans, Hidden Figures). 

In addition, Groundhog Day and Wild should be sought after by those who enter 2022 with an open mind. Some movies, such as Life of Pi and Soul Surfer, aid us in surviving trauma and disaster.



In the end, I didn’t expect to cry. We want to be recognized and handled usually. This movie wasn’t typical because it was so realistic. I’m a city girl, and when I met a guy, all my problems disappeared. Britney experienced genuine difficulties and encountered discouraging obstacles, as do we all. I admire how she overcame her doubts and traveled around the were, making friends. Sometimes all that matters is achieving a goal because that will give you the confidence you require. It’s crucial to finish the race. Awesome movie!


THE BUCKET LIST (2007), directed by Rob Reiner

I’ve seen the bucket list a few times over the years, and for some reason, I feel comforted, happy, and sad. It gives me comfort to know that, in the end, two people from entirely different worlds can put aside their differences and come together. Even though it was brief, that was true friendship.

I’m glad it proves that despite your past, you can always make the best of a situation. Sadly, it demonstrates how time has no regard for anyone and that, in the end, regardless of status, we all go to the same place in the universe. Despite some of the so-called critics, I thought this was a fantastic film, and many others who I had the pleasure of watching it with did as well. 


A LOVELY MIND (2001), directed by Ron Howard

Some people possess unique talents from birth. They can view the world from a unique vantage point. They can envision, form, and see things ordinary people would never even consider.

The film illustrates how the brain, the magnetic component of the human body, can cause two extreme behaviors in people. The same mind that Dr. John Nash uses to create mathematical formulas and equations to solve problems and develop new theories can also open the door to a new world that only he could enter. Drawing the fine line between imagination and confusion can be challenging.

“Imagine discovering all of a sudden that the people, places, and events that are most important to you are not only still alive, but even worse, they have always existed. 

On one side, a man who is brilliant at using his brain to solve problems has become entangled in a problem using his extremely potent thinking and imagining tool.

It demonstrates that can be resolved not all issues by applying logic.

Some answers come from the heart. Dr. Nash’s wife never abandoned him during difficult times despite his severe SCHIZOPHRENIA and delusional illness. The glue that holds everything together is love, and perhaps only love has the power to unlock the world’s many mysteries.


CHARIOTS OF FIRE (1981), Directed by Hugh Hudson

This film is unique. It did a good job in every way. Excellent filmmaking. Even in retrospect, the Vangelis score still gives the depth of the flawlessly performed scene and punch. The running, too! They can fly. I mean, it’s 1924 or something like that! A workshop on creating period pieces. The extras, crowd effects, and tension are magnificent, and the sets are exquisite and precise. The performances and emotions keep you hooked, even though the plot can sometimes be a little confusing. And these days, there aren’t many of those left.


CHEF (2014) Directed by Jon Favreau

One of my all-time favorite go-to movies is this one. In addition, to the beautiful soundtrack and cast of characters, running a food truck has long been a dream of mine. I’ve seen this so often that I can start it up, play it repeatedly, and clean it all night long, knowing what will happen. I adore the adventure, their tenacity, and the way that Dad and his son reconnect due to the children’s familiarity with social media. Such a heartwarming film!


FORREST GUMP (1994) Directed by Robert Zemeckis

The dilemma raised by the story of the forest is: Can ALL of these events occur in one brief life? Forrest, born with a low IQ and a disability in his legs, feels like he is running on air as he tries to escape the clutches of his mischievous classmates.

However, his leg braces fall apart as he does so. As he gets older, he enlists in the US army and fights in the Vietnam War. After returning from the front lines, he starts a shrimp business to honor his dear friend’s words. At one point, while feeling the pain of separation, he embarks on a world tour on foot. However, this story’s apparent impossibility makes us have incredible dreams and enthralling feelings that outweigh its impossibility. We want to believe this unbelievable tale because Forrest’s apparent “idiocy,” “madness,” and simplicity seem exceptional.

Forrest appears to have no personality because he follows other people’s instructions throughout the film, but on the inside, it depicts a profound experiment in human optimism. In addition to its engaging plot, original storytelling, and strong acting, “Forrest Gump” contains many powerful, inspirational dialogues. Not to mention Jenny, the most crucial character to watch out for. The mysterious, bohemian woman who has a profound majesty all her own and is sought after to be cherished.


GOOD WILL HUNTING (1997), Directed by Gus Van Sant

That’s how I’d characterize the movie. My dad first told me about it about eight years ago, and even though I didn’t fully comprehend it at the age of 11, I found Will admirable and saw him as the movie’s hero. Since then, I have seen this movie hundreds of times, and with each viewing, I gain a deeper understanding of everything in it, from the subtleties of fake painted numbers to the inventive language.

Because I don’t live in Southie, this movie made me realize there are many differences between Will and me but also many similarities. I recognized parts of myself in Will, including his sense of style, his friendships, his persona, and the way people misunderstand who he is.

I sadly have little Will’s intelligence, and I hold him in high regard.

This movie is outstanding, from the stunning cinematography to the writing. I would not change a single thing. Brilliant!

Anyone reading this who has seen the movie or hasn’t yet should turn it on to see the beauty it captures.


GROUNDHOG DAY (1993), Directed by Harold Ramis

I can assure you that it is worth it. The best remedy ever would be to watch this on a bad day!

Start the movie now without giving it another thought! This makes your day a million times more beautiful, without a doubt. There is a lot of hope at a time when everything seems so depressing that you want to cry constantly. After watching this movie, you will be smiling, crying, and happy for the rest of the day, which works like a charm! Have a fantastic time watching movies, if you believe me!


HIDDEN FIGURES (2016) Directed by Theodore Melfi

I resisted seeing this movie for a while because I don’t like big “message” films because they typically don’t ring true, and Hollywood takes too many artistic licenses to make them plausible; however, this IS NOT the case with this movie.

Executed it flawlessly. Excellent cast, excellent writing, and editing. You’ll shed many tears, most of them for the right reasons. The tale is intriguing and offers a great deal of details about the space program ABOVE AND BEYOND these remarkable women. A must-see for everyone. You’ll be happy that you did. Outstanding performances by Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, and Janelle Monáe.


THE INTOUCHABLES (2011) Directed By Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano

The best part was how well it portrayed how important it is always to be happy and keep the people around you happy. It’s a feel-good movie that conveys feelings toward one another in an understanding way.

You’ll never fail to smile as you watch this entire film with a range of emotions.

Driss, in my opinion, did a better job than anyone else could have (Omar Sy)

Everyone should try it!

Now start to watch movies not just as a hobby but also to be inspired. 


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