According to the teachings of Lord Buddha, “Being mindful is everything, and taming the mind is the only way to overcome any struggle.” Staying focused is another way of expressing the tamed mind. To stay positively focused, we must practice Consciousness. 

Anyone can use the Law Of Attraction to enhance their life once they understand how it operates better. Whether consciously or unconsciously, every thought you have affects your future. The steps in this manual will help you apply this potent universal law. You can use it to learn how to attract what you want into every aspect of your life. Buckle up because it’s going to be a fantastic ride!


The Law of Attraction, or deliberate creation and conscious creation, is based on the premise that what we focus on expands. The more energy we place in one area of our lives, the more things we attract. This past month has been busy, so I only had a little time to focus on As the Spirit Moves Me as I would like. What you focus on expands. This is especially true when you place your attention and energy on your work-related projects, art, or any project you believe in.

Each time I put my energy into the blog, my readership went up. If you want to manifest your dreams, achieve your goals, and create your desires, put this lesson to use in your life.

What is Consciousness or concentration?

The ability to focus the mind on a single idea, object, or subject while blocking out all other irrelevant thoughts, feelings, or sensations is known as concentration. Focusing means ignoring or excluding irrelevant thoughts, feelings, or sensations. Our daily activities are dominated by logging on and off our computers and mobile devices. 

You will unconsciously draw more good things into your life if you concentrate on all the beautiful things you already have. However, if you only dwell on your shortcomings and think negatively, you will eventually attract negativity. To create a budget, develop a system to pay off debt, or develop new creative projects, ask friends and professionals for assistance.

Factors that affect the Consciousness

Both external, as well as internal and biological influences, have an impact on Consciousness. According to scientists, lack of sleep has been linked to decreased alertness, slower thought processes, and poorer concentration. Your capacity to carry out tasks, particularly those involving logic or reasoning, may be negatively impacted. What we eat affects how we feel, including how alert and clear our minds are all day.

Because the brain requires specific essential fatty acids, low-fat diets can impair concentration. Other restrictive diets that lack the nutrients the brain needs may harm concentration.

Your concentration may improve if you need help concentrating on a single task and tend to forget things easily. Our ability to concentrate can be affected by non-transmitted, like diabetes, hormonal imbalances, and low red blood cell counts. Additionally, some medications cause drowsiness or bleakness and seriously impair concentration. Lifestyle choices that involve skipping meals too frequently, eating fatty foods, or drinking too much alcohol can affect our memory and focus.

Ways to improve focus

  • Turning off internal and external distractions will help you focus more effectively. Make it a habit to schedule time on your calendar to finish a project or activity. Move to a place where people won’t bother you as much or ask for privacy during this time. Finishing the tasks at hand should be your top priority.
  • We feel more productive when we try to complete several tasks at once. Multitasking impairs your ability to concentrate and lowers the caliber of your work. Burnout can result from decreased productivity. Such activities include responding to emails while listening to a podcast and making phone calls while writing a report.
  • During meditation, our brain becomes more at ease, and our entire body relaxes. Meditating or practicing mindfulness exercises can improve focus and one’s health and mental fitness. We can learn to refocus our attention on a task by using our breath with practice.
  • Before going to bed, avoid reading blue light from electronic devices to avoid stimulating your retina and preventing the release of melatonin, which increases the anticipation of sleep in the brain. Use a filter or “blue light filter” glasses to reduce such blue light. Avoiding exercise in the afternoon, drinking plenty of water all day, and using breathing exercises or a journal to clear your mind are additional ways to improve sleep.Consciousness
  • Concentrating when your mind wanders to the past or future all the time is challenging. Recognize the impact, your feelings, and the lessons you’ve learned before letting it go. To focus on the specifics of what is crucial at this moment, we want to practice using our mental faculties. Where our minds wander depends on our focus.
  • When you start to feel stuck, take a quick break. By switching your attention to something else, you can dramatically increase mental concentration by taking quick breaks. You can return with a more focused mind by getting up and moving around, talking to someone, or switching to a different task.
  • Even plants in an office can improve air quality, boost productivity and improve workplace satisfaction. Making time to enjoy your garden or go for a stroll in the park can improve your focus and make you feel more rejuvenated. So, Feel the beauty of nature.
  • Brain-training games can help you improve your processing, problem-solving, working and short-term memory. Evidence for the effectiveness of brain training exercises in improving adults’ cognitive abilities is beginning to accumulate.
  • Exercise regularly releases brain chemicals essential for memory, concentration, and mental clarity. People who exercise or participate in sports are better at cognitive tasks. Exercise helps the body’s muscles loosen up and reduce tension. 
  • Research indicates that music therapy is good for our brains. Relaxing music and ambient noises, such as water flowing, are both good for concentration. Troublesome music is often singing songs with lyrics. Many apps and services provide background music and soundscapes for different types of focus and work needs.
  • Foods rich in fiber, like fruits, and vegetables, can help maintain stable blood sugar levels. Reduce the number of sugary foods and beverages that make your blood sugar levels spike and fall. Try nuts, berries, avocados, and coconut oil to add healthy fats to your diet. Potassium, which helps improve the connections between neurons and can increase our brain’s responsiveness, is found in leafy green vegetables like spinach.
  • Achieving small daily goals can rewire your brain to achieve success while identifying your true priorities can help relieve distracting anxiety. Fix one priority that you commit to completing each day and write down your goals for the day, ideally the night before. By tackling the essential tasks first and delegating the small ones for later, you’ll be able to concentrate on what matters.
  • Make your space as postured and comfortable as you can, keep clutter out of sight, and work to keep it clean and well-ventilated. Although not everyone can afford a luxurious workspace, desk organizers, noise-canceling headphones, and programmable lighting can be helpful. Make a quiet, designated space for work.
  • Using a timer or phone alarm can train your brain to focus intensely on a task. Take a brief break after the alarm goes off for 5 minutes, then restart the timer and continue. It has been demonstrated that using this technique will help you focus better. Focus on the task for the allotted 20 minutes.
  • Sometimes when we are working on a task, we become stuck, and our brain needs something new to focus on. You can maintain your focus and productivity for a more extended period by switching tasks. Consider switching to something else you’re working on, something you enjoy doing, or something else entirely.

Success in your career and life depends on your ability to focus at work. Professional athletes practice extensively, including golfers, sprinters, and gymnasts. You will discover that you can accomplish more of what you value by strengthening your concentration. It’s essential to make time for happiness and joy in addition to completing tasks.

Personal development is an Extra benefit of being mindful


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