Novelty, surprise, and shared experiences are common elements of a thriving relationship. There are hundreds of creative and romantic things that couples can incorporate into their lives that can foster growth and excitement in their relationship.

In today’s article, we are going to explore 05 weird tricks that you can follow to improve and refresh your relationship. The keyword of this article is “weird ways”. So, these tricks might sound weird or unusual sometimes, because these tricks are not that common among many couples. However, we guarantee that they can play an effective role in improving and revitalizing your relationship. So let’s get started.

Writing Love Notes

Leaving a sweet note to your partner in an unexpected place is a small yet sweet way to express your love. Since the modern world is all about texting and stuff, expressing romance is definitely an easy and quick thing. But when your romance is expressed through a written note, it always has more meaning in it, compared to a text. A written note attached in an unexpected place shows that you have put your effort and creativity into showing your affection. So isn’t that mesmerizing?

Couple Bucket List

Not all couples are ideal as they portray in romantic movies. So, you both might have different opinions, likes, and interests individually. Compiling a list of activities that you both crave to experience is unquestionably a great way to form a strong bond in your relationship.

Make sure that the activities that you put into your bucket lists are both adventurous and unconventional so that, you can have fun together as a couple when you engage in them. Also, a couple bucket list can add beautiful memories to your life that you both can share and laugh together throughout your lives.

A Secret Language

Communication is a vital element of a relationship. Communication becomes a fun activity if you both can develop a secret language or a set of code words to share your ideas. When you use your own secret language to share things in public, it is both cute and fun though it seems weird to others around you. In addition to that, it is really helpful to add a sense of intimacy which will deepen the connection between you two.

Surprise Date Nights

Another romantic trick to better your relationship is to arrange surprise date nights for your partner. It could be a movie night, exploring new places, or even drinking wine outside at the firepit.

Surprise date nights may not be that uncommon in relationships. But you can take your surprise date night to the next level by adding uncommon elements such as picking a theme for your date night, buying clothes for your partner according to the theme you picked on your own, and many other unique activities that can surprise your partner.

Relationship Time Capsule

Our last suggestion for this article is to create a relationship time capsule. This method does not give you benefits right away, rather it is like an investment that will mature in the future.

To do this, you need to collect items that have significance to your relationship, seal them in a box, and leave it to be opened in the future. You can write and deposit a specific message to your future selves as well. You can set a specific event to open this time capsule; eg- a special anniversary.

By doing this, you both can reflect on your relationship in the future of how far you have come and grown together as a couple.


While conventional methods can definitely help to improve your relationship, incorporating a couple of weird things into your relationship is also an effective way to improve your relationship. By using our above-suggested creative, yet weird tricks, you can infuse your relationship with fun, adventure, and heartfelt moments.

So I hope that today’s article will be helpful to create unique experiences and shared memories between you and your partner to aid you in creating a strong and lasting bond.




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